The Aftermath

Hi everyone,

Last time I posted, I told you all that Robert(1) read my text messages without me knowing. I had also started dating another guy behind his back & was pretty confused about what I wanted.

When Robert(1) told me that he read my texts, I was in shock.  My mind was spinning and I was desperately trying to remember what I had said in my texts.  Not surprisingly, I severely underestimated what he read.

I admitted to going on a date with another guy, saying that I had been friends with him for a while and we just went out to dinner. I stressed that it wasn’t a big deal, and we had only kissed. He asked me some more questions about Robert(2), and I answered honestly.

To my surprise, Robert(1) wasn’t satisfied with this information.  He then something else that shocked me-

“What about your texts to Maverick?”



(Read about my relationship with my ex, Maverick, here and here).

I couldn’t believe that he was actually talking about my texts to Maverick! I instantly remembered that I had texted him saying that I missed him, as well as saying how cute he looked in a snapchat that he sent me. I. Was. Mortified.

But my nightmare didn’t stop there!! Robert(1) informed me that he saw a graphic text that I sent my best friend, Chrysanthemum.  While Robert(2) and I were making out one night, I had done some over the clothes exploring with my hands.  Three words: It Was Huge. Naturally, I texted Chrysanthemum telling her about this and used emojis in a very tasteful way—



Our conversation was horribly awkward and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  The most shocking thing that was said was by Robert.  He told me that he was going to get over what happened and hoped that we could move on from this.  I think that most guys would be totally done with a girl that pulled shit like this & I couldn’t believe how well Rob handled it all.  Why is he still into me? If the situation was reversed, I wouldn’t have admitted to snooping would have dumped him in a heartbeat.

One issue with this situation is the fact that Robert was snooping.  First of all, Rob is NOT by boyfriend and we never decided to not see other people.  Is he entitled to be this pissed off about what I was doing with Robert(2)?  I am conflicted and would love to hear opinions from others!


Until next time,


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