Oh, how things can change in a week….

The last time I posted was one week ago.  Things were going great in the Robert department and there were no other prospects in my dating life.

All that has changed!


this week makes my head hurt.

Last Saturday night, my roommates and I threw a party at my house.  Robert was unable to attend, as he flew home for a week to be with his family.  I got prettyyyy tipsy from the margaritas I was drinking and was having a blast.

Side (but relevant note): Two weeks ago, my roommate told me that a guy in another graduate program thought that I was cute.  His name is also Robert (my life is funny like that).  Robert(2) is super attractive, confident, is an amazing public speaker, and is getting his PhD.  I was shocked to learn that he was attracted to me, but extremely flattered none the less.  I kind of forgot about it.

Back to the party – Robert(2) and I started talking.  My roommate, Robin, was extremely drunk and kept making things awkward between Robert(2) and I – you know, the forced “Oh hey, have you talked to Liz?”  I was totally embarrassed by her antics, but also super thankful because Robert(2) appeared to be really nervous to talk to me.


thanks, girl!

Anywayz, the night progressed and I ended up not-so-subtlety inviting Robert(2) to my room. We kissed and I was in heaven. Unfortunately, he had to leave to go to a friend’s bachelor party, and asked me for my number, promising to hang out soon. 

My ex-girlfriend, Scarlett, (not crazy Evelyn) was also present with her current flame. Her and I dated 4 years ago and maintain a close friendship.  But, it’s not strictly platonic – there’s definitely a lot of sexual tension between us.  We ended up kissing for approximately 2 seconds while the girl she is seeing was moving her car.  Whoopsssss

All in all, the night was a success.  Kissed two people, have a lot of fun, ate a lot of good food.  What more could a girl ask for?


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