My date with Robert(2)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I kissed a guy I’ve had a crush on all year last weekend.  His name is also Robert, and we went out on a date last night.

I was so excited to go out on a date with Robert(2).  Being the super cool lady that I am, I watched make up tutorials on youtube all afternoon and got myself to look pretty good, if I do say so myself.


outfit choice!

I have been on my fair share of dates, and I think I can officially say that this was the best one ever.  He showed up at my house with a single long stemmed yellow and red rose.  Swoon.  He also opened the car door for me throughout the night – kind of unnecessary, but I found it to be sweet.  The opening of the car doors and bringing me a flower on the first date were both firsts for me.


isn’t it pretty? talk about brownie points

We drove about 45 minutes into the city and got sushi (my favorite).  Conversation flowed and I was having a great time.  We talked about everything: our childhoods, dreams for the future, favorite things, etc.

The night ended by going to an artsy bar where a jazz band was playing.  This was amazing.  I was digging the vibe and the fact that we were doing something new and different.  Robert(2) has a wonderful, outgoing personality and people gravitate towards him.   We chatted with the owners of the club, who instantly took a liking to him.

The night ended by taking a walk down to the lake by my house.  We looked at the stars and kissed.  It was truly amazing.  I AM STILL SMILING.


This leads me to my dilemma: what about Robert(1)?  Honestly, since he’s been home for the past 4 days, I’ve been realizing all the things that I don’t like about him.  Robert(2) has a lot of qualities that I like in a person, which I realized Robert(1) doesn’t have.  These include: an interest and appreciation for the arts, being outgoing, & going out and doing things. For example, we live about 45 minutes from a small city. Robert(1) has NEVER EVEN BEEN THERE. This is unbelievable considering there isn’t anything remotely fun to do in the town we live in.

Being away from him has made me realize all the qualities that I don’t like in him. I’m going to see him in 3 days, so I guess I’ll need to make up my mind soon.  I can’t exactly have Robert(2) pick me up for a date when Robert(1) is living across the street….!


…. or can I?


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