Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?

Things have been pretty great with Robert & I.  However, we recently had a conversation where I kind of… lied. A lot.


Ok, so here’s what happened.  Robert was very intoxicated and I was sober.  He told me that I could ask him anything & he would answer honestly.  I love a challenge, so I bet him I could ask him something that he wouldn’t want to answer.  So what did I ask him?

“So— how many people have you slept with?”



Too much, too soon??  For the record, HE challenged ME.  Plus, this was obviously the perfect opportunity to ask this question without overstepping my boundaries (plus, I got to take advantage of the fact that he was waaaasted).

He nervously laughed a little and told me his number.  I was surprised to learn that his is  less than mine.  Approximately 7 people less than mine.  Now, I’m not proud of my number, but I’m not exactly ashamed of it either.  However, I am fully aware of the fragile male ego and how this information could make him feel.

So I decided to lie.  I told him that my number was one more than his.  I thought that this was a fair compromise since in reality, it was way more.

So the conversation keep going & he started asking me more graphic sex questions.

And I kept on lying.



Was I in the wrong here?  I know people lie about this thing all the time, but I still can’t help but feel a little guilty.  Especially because I really think that he was telling the truth the whole time.  If he ever found out, it would hurt him a lot & would damage his trust in me (obviously).  However, if I had answered these questions honestly, I think he would have been extremely turned off and definitely would have changed his opinion of me.  In fact, he told me that the thought of being with a girl with more partners than him used to really turn him off.  He’s since changed his opinion a little bit, but I definitely think my number being way more than his would be bad news.

Lose. Lose.

Any thoughts here?




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