Breaking Up is Hard to do


As I mentioned before, Evelyn & I broke up 4 months ago.  She did not take the break up well at all. A month prior, I tried (unsuccessfully) to break up with her, but she wouldn’t let me.  Trust me, I tried, but this girl is persistent.  I continued with the relationship for about another month or so, but then decided that I couldn’t do it anymore. 

Not surprisingly, she didn’t take it well.  Against my better judgement, we continued to talk here and there and we eventually met up for a drink one evening.


This turned into several drinks and both of us got emotional, but for different reasons (unbeknownst to her).  I had just received bad news the day before and was really messed up over that, not about our relationship.  We ended up crying in my car and she kissed me.  I felt SO terrible when that happened because I KNEW this opened the flood gates to something I did not want.  Oy vey.


We continued to talk here and there, (about normal things, not about us) for the next few weeks.  She wanted to meet up, but I kept making up excuses.  I eventually had to send her a very well thought out e-mail explaining why we shouldn’t talk anymore.  I spoke to a mutual friend who told me all the things Evelyn was saying to her about us.  She truly believed deep down that I really wanted to be with her and that I was still in love with her, which wasn’t even slightly true.  This really made me feel horrible and I decided that I needed to cut off communication.  

Again, she did not take this well.  She continued to call and text me, leaving a voicemail here and there as well.  Once, she just sent me the following picture:


…… anyone know what the proper response to this is??

The story ended (or so I think) 2 weeks ago.  I was sitting in my room doing homework, when I hear a knock on the door—

to be continued!!


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