Serious Relationships in your 20’s

Hi all, 

I’ve been thinking lately: what’s the prognosis for relationships in your 20’s?

This question came to mind recently because of multiple conversations I’ve had with friends about Robert & I.  Things have been going pretty well, and we’ve been seeing each other for about 3 months – which, as one of my friends put it, “3 months is when you either gotta shit or get off the pot.”  Lovely.

This makes me uneasy. Although Robert & I have had a conversation about “what we are,” we are still in some weird limbo between being single & in a relationship.  Deep down, I know that this is for the best, but I can’t help but feel some pressure to either “shit or get off the pot” as my lovely friend put it.  I’m just having trouble finding the source of this pressure.

Do I feel like I need the label? Maybe.

Do I not want him to date anyone else? Not right now.

Do I want to date other people? Not right now, but when I move to the new city, yes. And Maverick & I still talk every day and FaceTime at least once a week, which I don’t want to give up.


Hannah, you just get me.

Another huge reason why I think this has been bothering me is other people’s reaction when I explain the situation.  I’m not one to care about what other people think, but I’m starting to feel defeated when I explain the situation to them.  A friend of mine, Rose, said to me this weekend, “Well, you know long distance could work! It definitely could work. You know, so-and-so and so-and-so do just fine!” 


no thanks.

Ehh, no.  The thought of entering into a long distance relationship while moving to a fun, new city does not appeal to me.  I want to go out and meet people, and not have to worry about someone else getting jealous or planning my night around talking to them. I also think that couples around me seem to be getting serious extremely quickly, which makes me want to jump off of a cliff. My roommate, Robin, recently started dating a great guy. He told her that she could move into his apartment with him in September…. after dating for… one week. This made me break into a cold sweat, but she didn’t really think that it was that big a deal.

Am I out of my mind here, or does the thought of settling down in a serious relationship make anyone else a little queasy?



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