Maverick: Part Deux

Fast forward to 2011. Maverick & I had stopped seeing each other, because I had a boyfriend.  I broke up with this boyfriend, and we started to hook up once in a while.  Then he got a “girlfriend,” who I will appropriately call Mary.


They were a terrible match. I am not just saying that because I am biased. No one understood why they were together.  On top of them being a bad match, he was leaving to move over 1000 miles away 3 months after graduation.  He is not the kind of person to make a strong commitment, so everyone was waiting for him to eventually dump her.

On graduation night, Maverick called me and asked if he could come over before we went out to the bar with all of our friends.  I said yes, and he helped my mom and I move my stuff out of my house.  After my mom left, we started drinking gin on the rocks & doing a puzzle.  Maybe not the most romantic start to the night, but hey, we’re not conventional in many ways.


romantic, right?

The sexual tension was palpable. He slowly started inching closer to me and our arms were eventually touching. He kissed me & that led to him carrying me into my bedroom.

We got closer and closer when he moved away.  He was still technically with his “girlfriend,” although he told me many times how he wanted to break up with her.

One night when he was drunk, he told me how he wanted to give us a try. It was super sweet and made a lot of sense, although it this conversation was had at 4am. I completely fell for it and believed that we were together, even though he was still technically with Mary.

The next day he didn’t address it. So I proceeded to get drunk in order to work up the courage to talk to him about this. He eventually said how he did wish that we could be together, but with the distance, it wouldn’t work. I understood, although I was let down.  I then proceeded to tell him he needed to break up with Mary regardless, and he agreed. 

This was the start to the most confusing 2 years of my life. 


mixed signals are a bitch.





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