Maverick: Part I

Hello all!  I briefly touched upon my oh-so-crazy relationship with Maverick in my second post, so I thought it was time to talk about him a little more.


My “relationship” started with Maverick over 3 years ago.  We worked together as RA’s in a cockroach infested college dorm and started hanging out in the same circle of friends.  I turned 21 during this year, as did he and many of our friends… and we lived it up.  Like, we really took things too far.

Here we are, just hanging out.

Here we are, just hanging out.

I originally started hooking up with one of Maverick’s best friends, Thomas.  Why? Good question. I am not attracted to Thomas in the slightest, nor do we have ANYTHING in common.  However, he was slightly obsessed with me and I didn’t hate the ego boost.  I decided to end this after a short time and we went back to being friends.

Why, hello Thomas.

Fast forward to a night with said friend group. Me and my college roommate decided to play a game called “Finish the bottle of wine before you can stand up.” We split one of those huge ass bottles of wine and chugged it before standing up.  This was not a good idea.  I came very close to vomiting and was not feeling so hot.


Maverick & I went back to the dorm that we both lived in, and as we were walking up the stairs, I suddenly knew that I wanted him.  Which was weird, because I had never thought of him that way up until this very moment.  (Ok, I know it’s not THAT weird considering the amount of wine I had consumed that night. Before standing up).

So, I started falling into the wall strategically stalling at the staircase that separated the floors we lived on.  He got the hint and asked me if I wanted to go to his room.  I obliged and went to his room.  It seemed so wrong considering that we worked together & I had just stopped dating one of his best friends.

Strange to think that this is where it all began…… so much & so little has changed about our relationship.


Until next time,



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