Welcome to Musings of a Quarter Life Crisis… 

This blog was created in order to document my journey through my dating life and moving to a new city.  I hope that you all will enjoy reading about my journey through my mid-twenties – a crazy, fun, scary, & super exciting time in a young person’s life (at least that’s what they keep telling me).  I’m sure that there are sure to be a lot of laughs, successes, & hilarious failures along the way.

I’m moving to the new city in 4 months, so until then, I will be writing about my previous dating life & all the wonderful (& not-so-wonderful) people that have been a part of that.  But before I do this…. perhaps I should introduce myself?

My name is Liz & I am 25 years old.  I am in my last year of graduate school and am moving to the new city for my first big girl job (woo!).  I am an only child of divorced parents who grew up on the beach.  I love nothing more than wine & good food… there’s pretty much nothing I won’t try. I have a strong appreciation for the arts & the outdoors.  I also love to go out and have fun… but this occurs much less frequently than it did in my college days (more about this later).  I’m definitely an introvert & very private person… so this blog may be a little challenging for me! Hope you all can bear with me….

Until next time!



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