“Don’t kiss anybody & watch lots of TV”

Those were the words from my doctor yesterday. I came down with strep throat. Ouch. My throat was on fire, it hurt to swallow, and I had a pounding headache. He prescribed an antibiotic along with his words of wisdom.

Robert & I would usually be hanging out on a Friday night, but with my sickness we didn’t. We were texting here and there throughout the night. I was feeling like hell and was watching movies. Around midnight he texted me, “Come over.”

Um, excuse me?

I’d like to point out that he NEVER booty calls me. Ever. And he decided that tonight would be the night to do so? I don’t know about anyone else, but the thought of having sex with someone with a contagious throat infection does not do anything for me. I responded by saying that my doctor specifically told me not to kiss anyone and that I’d be tempted to do so if I came over (cheesy, I know). I also said that if he wanted to stop by tomorrow, that I wouldn’t mind.

To which, he didn’t respond. This is very unusual for him and left me thinking…. Wtf?!

Around 11:00am, he showed up knocking on my door. I am feeling 1000x better today so I didn’t mind at all. He said that he was on his was to the library and he was going to leave in a few minutes.

One hour goes by, then another, then another. We just laid on my bed cuddling, watching TV, and chatting. He kept trying to kiss me, but I told him to cut it out, because I don’t want the blame for getting him sick.

I could see in his eyes that he wanted to do more than just kiss me. But I’m still thinking…. Dude, you know I’m sick!! Why not just wait a few days? Anyways, he started kissing my neck and stomach, and things just kind of…. progressed from there. What happened next?

We had sex. Without kissing on the mouth.


This was a first for me. Even more surprising than the fact that I went along with the unspoken agreement not to kiss on the mouth was the fact that it was so amazing. It usually takes a lot of action before I can cross the finish line, shall I say, but it happened in under 5 minutes. Wow. I’m still shocked. How was I so turned on without kissing him? I’m certainly not complaining, but… I can’t figure it out.

Who thinks that Robert is going to get sick? I’m thinking…… yes.



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