Dating Charades

Now it’s time to introduce you to the people in my dating life.  Hope you have a pen & pencil ready… things are about to get confusing pretty fast!

Maverick – oh, Maverick.  Where to begin with you.  Maverick & I worked together during college & had lots of mutual friends.  We started dating each other in secret and had a very tumultuous, on and off again “relationship.”  I experience the highest of highs AND the lowest of lows with him.  He plays games & drives me fucking crazy…. but I can’t quit him.  Maverick currently lives a zillion miles away because he’s in the military.  Part of the reason I created this blog is to sort out my feelings about him and our relationship.  Lots more about him later.

Robert – Robert is my next door neighbor and attends grad school at the same school as me.  We met during a huge snow storm, because he came over to help me shovel out my driveway (aww).  He is kind, sweet, and the sex is ah-may-zing.  We recently had the DTR (define the relationship) talk, where he expressed that he would have already asked me to be his girlfriend if I was not moving to the new city.

Evleyn – is my ex-girlfriend. This might be a good time to point out that I have had 2 girlfriends.  Anyways, Evelyn and I dated for 8 months and broke up about 4 months ago.  We had a decent relationship, but there were a lot of issues which I won’t bore you with here.  I decided to end the relationship, which she didn’t take too well.  It’s four months later and she’s still acting crazy.  Calling, texting, sending me a 3 month belated birthday present, SHOWING UP AT MY DOOR with a 4 page hand written note…. I kid you not.

I’ll stick with these three main players, as they’re the only people in my dating life right now.   They all are beautiful, kind people with lots of quirks & flaws.  They make my life complicated, lovely, & completely frustrating at times.

On that note… goodnight!



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